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Low-cost Apartment

Low-cost apartment (Rusunawa) of Politeknik Negeri Bengkalis

Politeknik Negeri Bengkalis (Polbeng) has a Rusunawa building known as Polbeng Rusunawa. It was developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education and the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing. If you are a new student of class 2019/2020 and are interested in living in the apartment building, you may see from the west of the Polytechnic gate, the building is on the left.

Polbeng Rusunawa has 35 rooms, each of which can accomodate four male students, for a total capacity of approximately 140 students. Polbeng Rusunawa also has a number of excellent facilities, including beds, study desks, wardrobes, multipurpose rooms, bathrooms and a security post.

Polbeng Rusunawa has a set of regulations to prevent unexpected occurrences, and students who violate them will face consequences.

To register as a resident of Rusunawa, you are required to fill out and submit the following documents: